Tickets are available to purchase now! e-tickets will be sent out in April 2022

Child tickets are available for children aged 6 - 16. Under 6's go free!

Family tickets include up to 3 children under 16


Early Bird - Day Pass - Friday 9th£60Purchase
Early Bird - Day Pass - Saturday 10th£60Purchase
Early Bird - Day Pass - Sunday 11th£60Purchase
Early Bird - 3 Day Pass£160Purchase
Early Bird - Family Day Pass - Friday 9th£135Purchase
Early Bird - Family Day Pass - Saturday 10th£135Purchase
Early Bird - Family Day Pass - Sunday 11th£135Purchase
Early Bird - Family 3 Day Pass£350Purchase
Early Bird - Child Day Pass - Friday 9th£25Purchase
Early Bird - Child Day Pass - Saturday 10th£25Purchase
Early Bird - Child Day Pass - Sunday 11th£25Purchase
Early Bird - Child 3 Day Pass£60Purchase
VIP Marquee & Viewing Area - Friday£15Purchase
VIP Marquee & Viewing Area - Saturday£15Purchase
VIP Marquee & Viewing Area - Sunday£15Purchase

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